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To my Students

EducationPosted by Graham Thompson Wed, November 25, 2015 14:34:37

We are training you not only to be engineers and scientists, we are training you to be global citizens. Big words, difficult task, but only if students today are so taught will they be playing video-games with their Iraqi (...Chinese, Syrian, Russian, Pakistani ...) friends on the internet, or swapping music, recipes, exam answers, and NOT killing each other for real on a non-virtual battlefield. Learning English may be one way to aid this, but a growing awareness of our cultural differences and how we can use them to help solve real problems rather than bringing about a huge clash of civilizations, will be even more important. In some ways true education is rather like emptying a huge bucket of shit (stereotypes, preconceptions, false positivism) before lighting the fire (of true inspiration and culturally-nuanced ideas). You may finally "get it" when you share food, dance and play music with the "enemy", and find true inspiration from each other. Who invented the idea of zero and what would Newton or Einstein have done without it? The answer is the Ancient Egyptians - it came to us through the Arabs and they used it even when the Romans and later Europeans in medieval times had no clue to its use in mathematics. And do you know where the idea of ecological farming came from? - traditional tribal agriculture. The lesson is that we will only save the planet and further develop our capabilities by learning from every culture.

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