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Cesaric's Room

Great PoetryPosted by Graham Thompson Thu, November 19, 2015 17:36:24

Blessed morning, the light tumbling

like a waterfall into this room,

but I'm no longer afraid of pain,

as the body rests dead in its grave.

But maybe you could ignite

a spark from these ashes

for look how the light stirs

our longing for the sun, lilac.

We share a certain quiet delight

when I see row upon row of your books

on the shelf - and all the hidden meanings

the face of a room full of worries.

For me, something is missing

from this narrow bed without a cross,

the smile on the loved one's lips,

flowers in a glass of water.

Blessed morning as long as you dress

this room with radiance,

I'll have no fear of death ,

only please give back love to this Job.

DobriĊĦa Cesaric from Croatia (1902-1980), sent in by Lady T.