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Vallejo's Corner

Great PoetryPosted by Graham Thompson Thu, November 19, 2015 17:39:28

In this corner where we slept together

so many nights, it pleases me now to

wander about. The bed of the dead love

has been pushed aside or perhaps carried away.

You were always on time for other things,

yet you have not arrived. It was in this corner

where, one night by your side,

I read between your tender breasts

a tale by Daudet. This is the corner we loved -

please don't deny it.

I have set myself to recording the summer days

now past, your coming and going,

small and brave and pale, through these rooms.

On this rainy night

so far removed from the both of us, I suddenly leap up,

there are two doors opening and closing,

two doors that come and go in the wind

shadow to shadow.

Vallejo (Peru 1892 - 1938)