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Tommy Strollers Poetry GeneralPosted by Graham Thompson Wed, November 25, 2015 15:21:56


coming down thru the valley

toward the sly booming sea

alighting at the final plain of gorse & heather dunes

& marram grass

the horses

stood in a cleft between dayending & inrushing

night between finally softening storm

winds & the edge of stillness

under the first stars and purple ragged

dusk their field the whole goddam strand

from incoming mad foam to forest gaping


Wild? Dangerous?

Massive & corralled in solid defence

they stood there at least twenty

dark eyes following his slow


as the distance between them

narrowed till two arms length

& shivering he knelt


held his hand full of nothing

except a small wildflower

breathing heavy like a

stallion but crouched in the dirt

head down so unlike any equine

form not fooled but curious one

then two big mares crept closer

one sniffed his hand,

ate the flower


the man as he blew into its nostrils

curious but unassured by hayless

breath they jerked away abruptly

till turning stopped again

maybe judging him just plain crazy

joined the others & went on eating

nervously backglancing their

perfect blaue reiter spines

outlined in the fading western


October 2014