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Ahead of Time

Tommy Strollers Poetry GeneralPosted by Graham Thompson Tue, December 22, 2015 17:25:39

When midnight's clear before you

The space between the sounds of night

Is full of shadows

Cast ahead of time,

So that words spoken, images

Floating, have their signposts -

The empty silvered glass

Waiting for the cool touch

Of the face of woman's noon.

The silent bed groaning

With future acts of love.

Breughel's hunters setting out time and again

Over the fireplace

On every new tomorrow.

The honeyed cries of owls

Heard again in these forests of printed words.

The dark itself between the lines

Revealed in double meanings,

But I all alone but for my breathing

Gather in this room, this faceless world,

This knowing darkness,

For the toll of future memory.

For Francesca