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TS Death & LossPosted by G. Thompson Wed, March 30, 2016 21:34:34
On the Death of a Young Boy by Drowning


We sing our nightingale tunes
In the echoes of a darkness that eclipses all night
Each alone & yet identical in the song of our delivery
What defiant beauty in this seizing
Of lost chances & last hopes
What magnificent artifice
In our evasion of oblivion


Where we shall go & where we came from
We never know
Sent in a body
We never chose
But then make our own
Like a house inherited
Built with momentos & forgotten scraps
Or a treasure found
Under an upturned stone


In the singing voices that spiral upward
Like smoke into the gaping ears of heaven
In the eye of a small flame glistening
Over the earth-filled abyss
Through the long wake of night
There is a prayer signalling silence
That outstares our long-starred fates


Our world is just a window in a

jet plane

bound for heaven


Our day is a porthole on the ferry

across the Styx


Our true friends weave the spiders web

to catch the ego in search of self-love


Our lovers become the shadows

cast by ourselves onto them


Our life is a blip on the radar

of the navigator God


Haiku for Eleanor’s Soul

A leaf spins through the sun

Lands on the water

Slowly turns then flows away

Tommy Stroller