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All That We Took In

Tommys 70th Birthday PoemsPosted by Graham Thompson Thu, July 26, 2018 02:04:03

All that we took in

We now give back

And place it not lightly on the world

A child, a name, a star,

This, our first real metaphor

And metamorphosis

From love to flesh

Sad Songs

That same winter the walls
Glistened, the slow globes
Were mapped by lamp and stove
The dampwood sang sad songs
And your hair did not laugh anymore.

And folded in amongst yourselves
In spheres of pure preflection
Her cells grew to that song In the key of change and sacrifice.

Lines hover between the seasons
The ring of summers in axed-felled wood
Are thinner than the ripening fruit
The child dreams more dreams than lives
The poet pens
The lifelines meet
Then separate
The fire circumscribes.

In the Voices of Children Waking

They are waking now

Children of my thoughts

The taste of bitter dreams drunk

In all their wild youthful sleep.

Water splashing on a face

Furniture removed from its rightful place

Now reappears.

In the voices of children waking

There is a song below growing old:

The world is a toy for these thoughts of yet and never.

An Irish Chant for Naomi

The rain and sleet rattle at our window,

The same rattle in the child's throat,

The so human shaking at death's door,

Young light of a life hardly spent.

Why tonight is your face grown old?

Why the skin so hot and the room so cold?

The very earth seems to move, or is it just this cabin floor

Creaking in the last north wind of winter?

And if all there is to death is a past

What future can mend the bones of today,

What hope can seal the fevers of tomorrow?

Children of darkness, child in this hour,

Feed on this candlelight, recover this power:

Bring us your deliverance through your suffering gaze,

Find the strength that is stolen from this page.