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Syd Fyn

TS LovePosted by Graham Thompson Wed, August 22, 2018 11:10:36

South Fyn

til Anna

These fluid lines of curving grace

And pubic copses drawing more than eyes

To a feast of tapering thighs

Bend this mind through

Trembling late spring space

To the jailing memory

Of what we once meant

In touch as well as rhyme

I love the earth your body spent

The burst of passion floored in June

To me two sacred things you'll always be

Fyn's 'scape

The smell of mayflower's scattered must

Assembling in the dust

Remember Me

Remember me when you are old

For age will be the lesson

Of your completion

In things you do not savour now

But will only pause to miss when so long gone

Including this.

Remember us when you grow old

For we were young in loving then

And perfect in asymmetry

I - old in years

You - rolling in the profits of untramelled youth:

Dancing in limbs and fingers

Singing like a winsome flute or sadder violin.

Remember yourself when you fall old

And care for those things that time

Had no time to spare when you were young

And nurture memories of how it was

When wrinkles and dust never seeped

Into these corners of our lives

And trust was greater

Than any chasm yawning between generations.

Yes - it skewed us

Into opposing halves:

The divided paths that ended here

Beyond the canyon's edge