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TS LovePosted by Graham Thompson Mon, December 28, 2015 17:01:10


Let it pass;

Let it pass over you

Like the curtain of night

Drawn by invisible hands.

Let it come;

Let it come to swallow you

Like the lips of the sea

Close over your whiteskin flesh.

Let me assure you:

You are the light in my saucer sky,

The succulent source of my wishbone seas

That ebb towards procreation.

For the tides will leave us landlocked

On the desolate sands,

When the bright dayblood dispels the nightwitching,

And our seashells will lie hollow to the sun.


We know the way so well

Every path, hill and curve

Of this country is like

A mnemonic for bitter love.

As the future

Has run out of fashions

And metaphors

We will make do

With the map of these bodies

And explore them

Indefinitely well


Remember me when you are old

For age will be the lesson

Of your completion

In things you do not savour now

But will only pause to miss when so long gone

Including this.

Remember us when you grow old

For we were young in loving then

And perfect in asymmetry

I - old in years

You - rolling in the profits of untramelled youth:

Dancing in limbs and fingers

Singing like a winsome flute or sadder violin.

Remember yourself when you fall old

And care for those things that time

Had no time to spare when you were young

And nurture memories of how it was

When wrinkles and dust did never seep

Into these corners of our lives

And trust was greater

Than any chasm yawning between generations.

Yes - it skewed us

Into opposing halves:

The divided paths that ended here -

Again as lonely spirits on this ledge.

The Night Forest

When the world was green
I was a hunter without gun
But once, just once, I saw
A brown fox looking
Carving her body out of the beckoning trees
And it was my shot

We knew this fox and I
The how and why
And so we at once agreed

But............ I wondered
Who would run and who would kill

The soft brown fur mistook my eyes
Hyena mouthed she smiled
Powder footed she stepped away
And the forest was deep
Without that silent body
It crept up and hit me round the neck

In Parting

In parting we lose not only the lover

But also a part of ourselves.

When undoing that first embrace

We signal the final move;

Untying the knot of our hands

Permits the final wave.

If you look in the eyes of the woman departing

They will mirror a glance from the grave.

You Tiptoed Away In The Night

Long ago
Your arms encircled the void
Inside me

In the still desert
That was my heart
You planted yellow roses
And watered them every day

My nose
- so bloodied from blindly
tearing around in my darkened room
bumping against furniture
and walls -
You rubbed so gently
and kissed away the pain

You loosened me from the rack
Of my deceits
and half untruths
Untied me from the table
of my flattened universe

You sat constant
in the sickroom of no hopes
When the doctors
Had given me up
as mad
and gone

In the void where once your arms encircled
In the desert of yellow roses
In the dark room of torn spaces
On the rack of my unprovoked lies
In the sickroom of my patient madness
There is now no-one

You tiptoed away in the night

And I?
Yes I have given you up to the stars
So you can maybe alter mine
Then hopefully your own

How Life Begins

Out of the blistering silence

Comes the fire of our words.

So cool the night against our loving ways,

Paths of burning thoughts raised

On black and bitten bodies.

Suns were born and die again

In the days that these monstrous seconds fill.


Like flags, waving through the night

Of sudden caresses:

A track forever traced by fingers

In these singular brains.

Kindred spirits dally one last moment,

Hanging up their bodies like

Overcoats on different hooks

In the stillness of the early morning hall.

Over The Sea

Over the sea of love's last looking

No sail comes to deliver you

Over the gales, the ribbed and beating clouds

The hormone night lights the blood´s short fuse

My heart is a bay for your safe anchor

My eye a mirror for those calmer days

I cannot walk the headlands of our forever

Without the tightening of memory's stays

Fill in only if you are not real

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