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Croatian Poems

TS LovePosted by Graham Thompson Fri, October 12, 2018 12:45:26

Rijeka Evening


The sun falls on this balcony scene

Of blue Slovenian hills with gilded filigree

Villages uncurling on small ridges

One above the other in single file

& the Adriatic azure stillness

Washes its gentle waves

Over my last loved body

In endless Slavic embraces

Then kisses fall like petals on my skin

Or bruise my silenced aching mouth

Teeth clashing tongues wrestling

So long that even breath

And dead memory are utterly gone


Passion mystifies the maze of living

Under clear blue skies and Slavic eyes

A voice comes to me as if

From some deep well

In the fundaments of my being

Yours is the voice

Mine the song

This the final runway

For our entwining spirits

& this the meaning

from which our future lives

Is sprung


I have allowed you

To peer through the keyhole

Of my whole life

Without once fearing that keys

Rather than eyes

Will lock me in


Our future travels beyond

All those terrifying

& sometimes beautiful past hauntings

All those dark infidelities

& back-stabbed hearts

Outrageous badly acted parts

We played for some fiction of the Other

This future leans on the

Other side of that past

A future as clean as the sheets

We love on

Before Departure

O my love now

"I can only write" (1)

Not of leaving

Nor nostalgia

Not even in the belief of the saving Graces

No only of this blinding love

That entwines us with the certainty

Of well-learnt dance-steps

Yes long learnt but freshly chosen

As if God’s angels were beating

Their wings in our hearts

In feet & toes now unfrozen

(1) Cf Neruda's lines in his 20 Poems of Love

After Departure

All that has gone from me

You safely tucked away in your heart

All that you have given me

Is now a stage where the play of our lives can begin

It’s a production

Full of comedy

Not of giant-killing or tragedy

It’s a love story

Of the common niceties we enjoyed

A kitchen-sink drama

With two chefs at the stove

Cooking love’s meals

Nourishing and tasty:

May it last

To the very last spoonful


Croatian nights

The mystery of time

And this place where spirits

From many tribes assemble

Whilst stars hold their place in the heavens

Like constant friends

And fishing boats blink inconstantly

To move every night to new grounds

There are so many peoples

Who have met at the Gulf of Kvarner

So many landings from Pecine to Trieste

Angels have flown from terrifying heights

In the poetry and writings of Europe's best

The sperm of young generations

Lost in the battles

The fleets and machinations

Of emperors, dictators and fake dramatists

But still the calm Adriatic, warm and entrancing

Swings in the minds of Rijeka's Children

Squatted on the shingle, listening

To their music, mobiles illuminating

Green blue and yellow their

Faces absorbed in the smallest

Of international shows

Skin bronzed and shoulders constantly turning

Towards one another, new

Spirits released from the curse of history

From power-mad conquerors

Politics reoriented by love

On this beach of a dream at Pecine

Pecine's Pajola Rock Cafe 12.9.18


Unlocked the tidings of the heart resigned

To teach these lepers of the mind new lines:

Schiele’s paper epigrams and Klimt’s

Tatooed dresses will be freed

To wander lightly beyond canvas bounds

And enter in mosaic walls and floors

Till stars drawn down at dawn

Carry us to the end of time

Fill in only if you are not real

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