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The Philosophy of Love

TS LovePosted by Tommystroller Mon, January 28, 2019 17:10:57

Love is a Forest

Who can explain the tides of the heart?

The push of love that takes you far away

When all the time a different love unfolds

On every side.

When children are growing

Who could have been yours

In the hearts of those around you

In the songs of lives you once did share

So closely.

Who can detour your highway love of life

The dreams of your slow becoming

Except this passing god of goblet wine?

Not friend, nor enemy, nor even

The dead hand of ancient love

Can still the madness, the occasional frenzy

Of a love that fires the brain,

Of a purpose that rarely seems sane.

Love is a forest of close-knit trees

Growing from the thinnest of soils,

Each flaming arrow of heavenly green

Traces the plot of our souls

In a space magically shared

Without reason or foreboding.

Each individual flame grows

In reaching for the blue illusions of future skies

Yet from their base they suddenly seem to lean.

Sometimes in the Light

Sometimes in the light of our former days
Together I am caught off balance
In this thin present:
In the pencilling of the you of memory
The inner rush of thought is halted
And I am stranded on this isle of tired emotion.

What force can free us
From the terrible memory of love lost?
When even the forming of tender speech
Will not stir my love-torn tongue.
Each face upon which the present alights
Is hideously drawn, each offer
Of a friendly hand seems like
A distant fading wave.

To Find the Love that Stops the Sky from Falling

The dark forms spiralling down
The love of gods in their eyes
Somewhere the music is playing
Somewhere else the music is playing
At 3 o'clock in the morning.

How to tell it as it is
And how it is not
Now the angel has fallen by my bedside:
If I could lower the bars to my cot
Then we could grow young together
This fallen angel and I.

Rain in these hearts
The only constant in this world of cloud shadows
But do not be nostalgic
If the rain is falling, it falls for everyone.

Have I wasted my life
In the search for the wrong kind of love?
Tell me, my angel, before you fell
What kind of love held you
Above the human sky?
And is your fall my own?
Will I ever learn: to be loved by another
Can never suffice in this life
Let alone all the others?
Is the reason for my rejection
Of Jesus and all the holy ones
Built on the pride of an earthly love?
Is the path I am taking
Sure to take me away
From the love that dissolves in desire?

The angel is silently watching
As the raven circles my burning tower
As the lovers repeatedly
Fall apart in midair.
It seems as though not even death can fix us together
Or save us from the sweet odor of those autumn fires.

A long time before even the first dissolution
I glimpsed the truth my angel has now lost,
The one that brought her thundering fall:
In the midst of a love so full and certain
When the coupling lasted all and every night
There in the shadows of dying elms
I found Rilke's lines
And the bitter truth of our spiritual bargains:
We can never take these arms that
Constantly kindle and hold our world
Across the other side.
And lost in our loving
We become blind to death's preparation
For all our human love is
Merely a motion within
And never towards any sacred other.
But why then this plaintiff sadness
For the perfected flesh so mortal?
Why does the smell of the rose so disturb me
And the seasons refuse to turn?
The fruits of old age are strange:
They are ripe when the harvest is already taken,
They fall only after
Your beautiful hands have reached for them,
They dissolve in my angel's gaze.

I was buried in Romance
Before my mouth was first kissed
I have died ten times
But been reborn In twice that number of women's eyes.
And now I face this last resurrection
Will the same love carry me over?
Or angel can you show me
A world where the mirror Is empty of faces except my own?

My fallen one, I rise
Because the love you have given me
No longer rests on the gaze of another
Not even the gaze of the one
Whose wings I now have stolen.

Fill in only if you are not real

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